Andrew's Writing

Blog Number 2, 20th April 2020

This is my second blog. Yesterday I put two of my shorter stories onto my website which you are welcome to read. 

I know many people are struggling to be creative during this lock down; most of us are worried and confused by so many things; how the world has changed, fears for their own and other people's health, the inevitable recession after this is all over with and the increase in police powers. Wordsworth said:

"Poetry is the spontaneous overflow of powerful feelings: it takes its origin from emotion recollected in tranquility.”

And at the moment there is precious little tranquility about, perhaps after this is all over with it will be time to write our great novel, paint our masterpiece or compose a sublime concerto. In the meantime hold tight to what is precious to you and don't despair.


Blog Number Three. May 9th

Let down by the Left. I always regarded myself as on the left; I believed in democracy, I abhorred racism and I worried about the poverty that became a part of life in Thatcher's Britian and afterwards. I read the Guardian, voted Labour or (after the Gulf War) Liberal Democrat.


At the last election Labour were lead by someone whose main world view was that Israel was the epitome of evil but no other Middle State, who would share platforms with people who wanted annihilate Israel and all who sailed in her, with Holocaust deniers and made his party attractive to those who hated Jews, but when this was questioned, it was all a Right Wing smear by the Daily Mail. Even the Lord Chief Rabbi, the Archbishop of Canterbury and many prominent Jews expressed concerns, for many of those in what had become a Corbyn cult, it was just a proof that everyone was out to get them.


The Liberal Democrats, although they commendably called out Corbyn on his racism, had a main policy which was to recind the E.U. referendum, because they did not like the result. I did not like the result, but supporting democracy means you accept results you don't like. In December last year I voted Conservative, something I never thought I would do. But the left had changed, or perhaps it was the case that things such as racial inclusion, a belief in democracy and a certain decency were not as important to the left as I thought they were.